Obsession Du Jour: Parisien Stripes, Wildflower Bunches, & Royal Apothic Eau De Parfum

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The past couple of weeks I can say without shame I have purchased 4 striped shirts. All with black (or dark navy nearly black) stripes in varying widths.

I stopped by Anthropologie a few days ago and sampled the new fragrance they are carrying, Royal Apothic Eau De Parfum - "Kensington Gardens" - OH MY GOODNESS, so obsessed! I need this on my new vanity TOMORROW!

And speaking of vanities, I've also been purchasing wildflower bunches from Trader Joes and placing little vases around the house full of these field blossoms. I love wildflowers for Summer and Fall, don't you?

Edit: The boots are from Coggles.com. Victorian style leather washed boots. ♥

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