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Friday, August 27, 2010

ty_desert_1962 ty_hong_kong_1959 ty_at_lake_hakone_1959 ty_smiling_1950s ty_poses_on_car_1950s ty_pink_outfit_1950s ty_shadows_1950s ty_smiling_ocean_1950s ty_flowers_1961 ty_chair_1950s ty_&_husband_lake_hakone_1959

I have never in my life been so inspired by a complete stranger, let alone a stranger that lived some 50 years ago and probably does not know her found photographs have been scanned on the internet and shared for people to admire.

These are photos of Ty. A wife of a bloke, is he American, is he European, is he Australian? We don't know. But he seems to adore his wife very much as most of the photographs were of her looking impeccably put together while they travel through Hong Kong in the 1960s.

Is it weird to say I want photos like these of me? Candid moments that perhaps in the distant future someone will blog about and think "Wow, this woman had such style, I wish I was her!"

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