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Sunday, June 17, 2012

I just have to take this moment to really count my blessings...

The past few months have been some of the most trying and yet most rewarding months I've experienced thus far in my life...and I am so thankful for each day to have the opportunity to grow and learn.

With that said... I have been slowly putting in the hours of redesigning my site. If you follow me on Instagram (adoredvintage) you might have seen the little image I posted of my "design process".

I knew what work needed to be done but I kept avoiding it all weekend...I'm not exactly sure why, but long story short, last night I finally completed how the product info page should look.

It took me THREE HOURS to make these changes! I have recently been keeping track of my time and really watching how much WORK I'm actually getting done and lately I've been realizing that I invest A LOT of time in all of this and always brush off how much work I actually put into maintaining and building an online vintage clothing store.

I'm quite happy with the progress and just feel like everything is going smoothly for once. :)

Oh and if you're is the Instagram photo I was talking about...

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