Vintage Lingerie: Lingerie in the 1920s

Friday, November 9, 2012

I have a very soft spot in my heart for lingerie from the 1920s. I especially love vintage teddies, chemises, and vintage step-ins. Vintage lingerie is almost always in my favorite colors of pale pink, peach, and cream. But I also quite love the cool peppermint blues and seafoam greens. My favorite part of course are the very feminine and sweet details of lace and little rosettes.

A chemise is usually straight cut and have been around since the Middle Ages. Although the chemise in the Middle Ages is much different than what is considered a chemise now. In the 1920s a chemise was much shorter than it's Middle Ages ancestor and would often be worn to replace bras and panties.

A step in is very similar to a chemise except there is fabric between the legs that buttons. Sometimes it doesn't button and you would just "step-in" to wear it.

Vintage Lingerie, 1920s Step In

This pale pink vintage 1920s chemise is made of crepe de chine and features cream colored lace and little blue rosettes.

As we go into the later 1920s and into the 1930s the step in started to get more defined waists and bustline. And also hips were more defined usually with a little bit of added lace or ruffle.

Vintage French lingerie 1920s and 1930s
"In the great race to look like slim young trees - there must be no extra thickness given by choosing the right undies."

Vintage Lingerie, 1920s Step In
This peppermint blue step in is in a rare strapless style with ribbon along the bust to gather it around one's bust. This dates probably closer to the late 20s or even early 1930s since there is a defined bust area (although the original ribbon that goes to this is long gone) and the hips are defined with tiers of lace.

Also later in the 1920s and more popular in the 1930s were tap pants. I LOVE tap pants and shorts in general that have this very feminine shape is it is very flattering to my figure.

Vintage Lingerie, 1920s Step In
This two pieces of vintage lingerie from the 1920s will be available at Adored Vintage soon!

Vintage lingerie in the 1920s are usually composed of silk, crepe de chine, cotton, crepe silk. These fabrics usually have a soft papery feel. In the later 20s and into the 30s vintage lingerie would be made from "Celanese" crepe satin and "Celanese" Crepe De Chine would usually had more sheen and feels a little more slippery than 1920s crepe de chine or crepe silk.

Vintage French lingerie 1920s and 1930s

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