Vintage Meets Modern Apartment Inspiration

Sunday, December 30, 2012

At the moment I am rocking out to Imogene Heap's i Megaphone album (basically my album anthem for the year 1999, or was it 1998?) and just musing about the internet particularly on design inspirations for my new apartment I am moving into in just a couple of weeks!

The current apartment I reside in is fairly close to Hollywood and it's a 1920s old brownstone. A teeny 420sq ft studio. It's been my cozy little hovel for the past year and a half and I have so enjoyed living in it. You can see photos of my apartment here: Saturday in my Apartment and in this post: Featured on Apartment Therapy.

So the new apartment I am moving to is much more industrial and modern looking! It's one big giant space with glossed cement floors, a few industrial fixtures, and pretty much just a big giant rectangular box with giant front windows.
Vintage Meets Modern Apartment Inspiration
The new apartment will definitely have a more masculine feel. I've bought quite a few industrial work benches for my studio downtown and they're moving into my apartment with me. I'll also be incorporating navajo inspired rugs, a little rustic mixed in with french flea market. Ahh... just basically all the things I love thrown in together in a happy mix.

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