10 Cozy Industrial Vintage Home Inspirations

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let me just preface that many of my posts this month well be interior design and retail design-centric. I sit here typing this in my kitchen (I'm not sure if you knew my "office" in my apartment is literally next to my refridgerator...but now you know!) and feeling quite sad about the move.

So to console myself I've been admiring photos of other people's lofts and daydreaming of how my own loft apartment will look.

I can't stand sterile looking lofts though. You know the type. Very minimalistic, very cold, hardly anything in it at all! I don't get the appeal. I also don't understand where all their crap must be hiding! Have they got a separate loft to house all their things? To me a home is cozy and lived in with lots of plants around (even if they're all half dead which is the case of my apartment), knit throws, pretty found little objects, and a faint scent of jasmine and vanilla in the air. I sound like I'm describing a grandmother's home, but I like all these cozy things to be in one of those stark white boxes. Aka "The Loft".

So my new loft doesn't have an amazing industrial kitchen (much to my sadness) and has *GASP* brown cupboards. *make puking sounds* I really hate these cupboards. BUT on a happier note my new place has a dishwasher!!! HOLY SCHNIKIES! The convenience if it all!

All images are from ADORED: Home Inspirations board on Pinterest! Some of them don't link to the original source unfortunately :(

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