First Look Inside the Adored Vintage Studio |Behind the Scenes

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Well you're probably wondering whatever happened to the brick and mortar since we moved in 5 months ago! Well, we never even finished it before we needed to move into a bigger space! Luckily the space RIGHT next door was available, so the move wasn't bad! Now that we have a lot more wiggle room, we've been moving in things and setting up the studio/showroom just so.

I never had plans to have an actual retail brick + mortar with regular shop hours, I have several friends that own shops in LA and their biggest complaint is being tied to the shop every day, and well that doesn't sound like my cup of tea. The studio shop is more of an atelier where you can make an appointment to peruse our vintage wares. I'm there basically every day anyway, so if you're in the neighborhood, 95% of the time I'll be there Monday-Friday :)

The space is basically a big rectangular box with big shop windows in the front, a back door to a corridor lined with bamboo, and a back room with a kitchen, walk in closet, and bathroom.

First Look Inside the Adored Vintage Studio |Behind the Scenes
First Look Inside the Adored Vintage Studio |Behind the Scenes

I wanted the space to be light and airy and filled with plenty of plants. The macrame plant hanger is from Chiron Creations on Etsy. I love it so much!

There's still a lot more to do, but I just wanted to share some progress snaps. You can always follow Adoredvintage on Instagram to see the progress!

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