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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Estate Sale by AdoredVintage, For Emma

This past weekend I woke up bright and early to get in line at an estate sale. I was 35 minutes early and already a line of 30 or so people were already in line. I didn't have much expectations for the estate sale, I never do actually (one is always disappointed when one has great expectations at estate sales), and so I got into line and awaited my turn to go through this little simple house.

My stomach always turns a bit when I see people go through an estate sale. The hurriedness, the franticness, the grabbing and going. Visions of buzzards over a carcass always come to mind and a wave of guilt washes over me as I am in line as well, waiting to see what's left over.

Estate Sale by AdoredVintage, For Emma

Estate Sale by AdoredVintage, For Emma

I wasn't at this estate sale very long, perhaps a total of 5-10 minutes. If that. I had a quick look and knew most of the real treasures were gone. You know, the big ticket things you'd see in my shop for hundreds of dollars.

I've learned at estate sales you can't really spend lots of time going through things because putting anything down means it's fair game for someone else. So, I had grabbed a bunch of clothes based on their print and if I generally liked them (a pile of cream, white, and beige lace detailed blouses!).

If it caught my eye I picked it up and promptly carried my pile of "treasures" to the front to be totaled up.

Estate Sale by AdoredVintage, For Emma Estate Sale by AdoredVintage, For Emma

It wasn't until I got back to my studio that I started to piece together who this woman was and really wondering what sort of life she lived, who was she?

I had picked up two books (among SEVERAL from the 30s, 40s, and 50s) These two I picked up because I quite loved the covers and also because they were in French. And well, I like to pretend I was French in another life. So I know she spoke French. Or at least she read French. Or maybe she was like me and just liked pretending so she would buy French books.

I had skipped over all the American Airlines memorabilia at the sale, I'm not really into aviation...but it occurred to me, was this woman a flight attendant in her younger years?

Estate Sale by AdoredVintage, For Emma

Her name was Emma. At least that is my assumption as it's written in one of the books.

She loved white and cream button up blouses. She had several blouses with sweet pearl button details, peter pan collars, delicate lace and embroidery. All finely tailored and in quality fabrics.

She wore basic and simple colors. She appreciated quality made things. She loved fine details in the objects she owned.

I bought several more pieces from the estate sale not pictured here. I wish I had a photo of this Emma who had such classic well tailored taste.

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