Travels in 2013 | A Year in Review

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another year is passing, a new one right around the corner. 2013 has been an incredible year and the next few days I am going to spend reflecting on this wonderful, crazy, blinked-and-then-its-gone year.

There were a couple times during this year that I really itched so badly to travel! When I was putting together these images it gave me some time to think about HOW MUCH I've actually traveled this year. How much I've done and accomplished. In 2014 I will hope to do much more and go to new places! 

Much of the traveling this year involved vintage buying trips along the West coast squeezed in with a visit with family and friends. Next year, I'll travel just to explore and experience new places. I've already looked into tickets for Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Italy... not sure yet where we will go...but someplace new. 

Above are some of the highlights of this past year's travels in Oregon, California, Arizona, and Florida. I'm so happy I have these little tokens of my travels, even though they're not overly exotic and not overly exciting. But most of the time I'm not looking for excitement. Most of the time I just want to soak in the surroundings, breathe in the air, and just BE IN THE MOMENT of where I am. Going away for a bit reminds me that there is so much more to life than work and all the itty bitty worries running a small business entails. 

Sometimes sitting above a hilltop overlooking the Pacific ocean is all the therapy I need for a stressful work week. You know I can look at each of these photos and remember what I was thinking! I'm so happy and so grateful for everything in my life when I look back on these pictures. These travel photos warm my heart perhaps more than photos of my studio. Those photos inspire and drive me to go further, to create more, to be more... but these photos of landscapes, of places I've seen and experienced...they are a breath of fresh air. A moment of solitude. Of contemplation. 

That everything right now is just how it is suppose to be, everything is wonderful, and life is good.

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