Vintage Outfit Post: My Vintage Blue Jeans

Friday, June 1, 2012

I've been wanting to stop by the Levi's Malibu store for awhile and this past Memorial weekend I finally was able to stop by! It's a really fantastic shop and the decor and merchandising is very Americana and pretty much everything you think Levi's should be...lots of vintage flair to boot which you know I dig!

So...the outcome of my little trip to Levi's Malibu was a new pair of vintage cut 1966 606 jeans. Can I just gush for a minute about how AMAZING I think these jeans are? I mean they make me look bombshell booty good! I actually tried on a couple pairs of Levi's and as it turns out, my figure isn't made for modern day cut jeans. Which probably explains my serious lack of denim in my wardrobe. These particular pair are officially my THIRD pair of jeans. I'm not much of a denim wearer, so these are probably will be my last pair for a very long time. They were definitely a small investment (I've always scoffed at gals who spent over $200 on a pair of jeans... *ahem*)

So because I felt like a bit of a bombshell in these jeans, I had to style it up a bit. Are you giggling at my "come hither" look? *blushing* I do feel so womanly and fabulous in these jeans though. Like I never understood how a woman can feel sexy in jeans... turns out I just never found the right pair!

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