What I Wore: Modern Day 1940s Inspired

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I've been working on a few little side projects on Adored Vintage such as the vintage clothing sewing terminology guide and the vintage bulletin, along with the daily ins and outs of running an online vintage store that my daily outfits have been to say the least, a bit lazy. If you follow adoredvintage on instagram then you would have seen one of these lazy outfits, also known as my "boyfriend uniform".

Vintage Inspired Outfit, Modern Day 1940s

And of course when one dresses in a lazy manner and wears their hair in a messy bun for the 5th day in a row, then one starts to feel fuddy duddy and last night I was feeling this very much. So my antidote for this fuddy duddiness is to dress up in something pretty, yet simple, and put on red lipstick. Of course by the time I got to taking these photos the red lipstick was long gone, but for 9 AM this morning, it did the trick.

Vintage Inspired Outfit, Modern Day 1940s

I was going to do my hair up in a 1940s hairstyle this morning, but seeing as I had to go into work today, I knew I'd ruin it and just put it into a bun, so I straightened out my curls instead. I very rarely wear head to toe vintage (and my head to toe I mean hair, makeup, and clothing) mostly because I can't quite carry the whole vintage look like some vintage fashion bloggers can. I do very much admire girls that wear their hair in 40s hairstyles and have perfectly done makeup. But sadly I will not achieve that polished vintage look and I know it's not really me either.

My definition for vintage for my own self (and obviously this doesn't apply to everyone who wears vintage, just me personally, if you ever cared to wonder) is vintage that looks modern. I love mixing vintage clothing with modern day clothing in a way that makes it difficult for someone to figure out WHICH is vintage and which isn't.

Vintage Inspired Outfit, Modern Day 1940s

What is your definition of vintage fashion for your own personal style? What's your antidote for the fuddy duddies?

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