Vintage Inspired Outfit: West of Winter

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I cannot believe Christmas is only a few weeks away! Actually I CAN believe it given that this entire year has just WINKED-WHOOSHED on by! This winter, once again, my fella and I will be making the trip down to Arizona to spend Christmas.

It's always an interesting time of year to be in Arizona in my opinion. I've always attributed the Christmas season with cold weather and well, Arizona isn't very Christmas-y in my opinion but there is something very all together unique and seasonal about Christmas in the West.

I do love the desert landscape. All the alien looking cacti, the sedimentary stripes on hills, the stunning desert sunsets. Have you seen a desert sunset? It's such a beautiful site since the land tends to be so flat. These stunning purple, red, pink, and orange streaks going left and right on the horizon stretching as far as the eye can see.

It may not be snow, but it's a magical sight for this California gal to see during the holiday season.

Where are you headed off to for the Christmas holidays?

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