Vintage Inspired Outfit: Farmer's Market

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I've officially been in the city of Long Beach for three weeks! Ok, ALMOST 3 weeks, so this outfit is definitely inspired by my new cirty. There are several farmer's markets here in Long Beach (there are three every week!) and happily enough Long Beach is a very bike friendly city! There are bike lanes everywhere and you often see bikers zipping around town. Which is good news for me as I dislike driving (unless it's scenic drives along the Pacific Coast Highway) and prefer to get around town on foot or via a bicycle.

The other thing I learned about Long Beach is that it has a "Bag Ban" meaning you can't get plastic bags anywhere! So I've made sure to have my trust grocery tote or basket whenever I go to the market. Loving the bag ban law by the way...way to be eco friendly LBC!

The Shop List
1. Hat, The Outnet
2. Top,
3. Pants, Forever New
4. Boots, Isabel Marant
5. Bike, Aha Life
6. Basket, Williams & Sonoma
7. Scarf, Gucci

Fresh flowers, a loaf of bread (usually rosemary or olive), and various fruits and veggies are my farmer's market staples. What's in your farmer's market bag?

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