Vintage Inspired Fashion: Luisa Beccaria Spring 2006

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When it comes to modern day fashion, frankly I hardly know what's going on. What I know of trends and what the masses of girls should be wearing on the streets I learn from my day job.

I happened upon this old collection from Luisa Beccaria circa Spring 2006 and a collection has never resonated so well with my own personal taste. Well ONE OF my personal tastes. I adore beautiful pretty vintage inspired clothes but as much as I love all things ultra feminine and ethereal I also love just a plain pair of chinos and a chambray button up.


What I love the most about this collection is the color palette. Creams, pale pinks, pale peach. I'm normally not into pale green or pale blue, but it's so slight here that it is just beautiful. The applique details on the dresses, the soft ruffles, the whispery flow of chiffon...all absolutely lovely. I want to wear one of these dresses and float around.


image credits: Style Bistro

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