LA Vintage Show: A Current Affair Recap

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Last Saturday Adored Vintage was once again present at the best vintage marketplace in Los Angeles, A Current Affair! Ok, maybe I'll a little bias since it's the only vintage event I sell at, but it really is the marketplace for the best of the best in vintage (overheard it myself from a shopper!)

Here are some snaps of my booth before the shoppers came! I kept the set up really quite simple this time. Brought a couple dress forms and two racks of clothes and just hung up lace and textiles on the back wall. I always have a fairly small booth so overly decorating it can cause quite the traffic jam!

Adored Vintage at A Current Affair Vintage Marketplace

I've also discovered that with each show I participate in, my wardrobe gets more and more comfortable. Literally this time around I wore pajamas. Pretty lacey ones of course, but pajamas nonetheless. I wore a 1940s slip with a 1920s step-in chemise over it and a crochet Victorian lace jacket. Boots are from the 1970s and the star headband was made by moi. A couple people asked me what I was wearing when they noticed the buttons at the bottom. By the way, I must point out that the buttons were crochet covered buttons, ahh!

Photographed by Histyley for A Current Affair

I love being at this show so much since I get to chat with guys and dolls about the things I adore the most, vintage! When I first started doing the show I would get so nervous talking to people, but once I got over that (and it took a little while) I realized people that shop at A Current Affair are just obsessed with vintage as I am and love sharing their stories and vintage adventures if you ask them.

Can't wait for the next one! Each show gets better and better!

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