Maybe A Vintage Brick and Mortar?

Friday, December 7, 2012

I've been dreaming of a new space and I wanted to share what's been happening with you. It was just about a week ago that I declared I would begin my search for a new live/work situation for Adored Vintage HERE and within a matter of days an ideal place has opened its doors.

So here's the dealio. I had hoped to have a live/work loft where I could schedule vintage visits by appointment only. I looked into other cities, into other states...and by chance happened upon an interesting listing of a retail store with a loft behind it. I must have sputtered coffee at my computer when I saw this and immediately sent an email inquiring about the location.

No answer. No email. No call. Panic sets in. (Mind you this is only in a matter of hours, but in LA if you spot a space, you need to JUMP on it!) Determined as I am, I hitch a ride with the fella to just scope out the space and lo and behold, I was able to see the space first!

And oh feels so right and better than I had hoped for! I have a separate WORK STUDIO for Adored Vintage right now which I've found really isn't my thing. The back and forth and scheduling of projects and always feeling like I never had enough time and the battle with traffic and parking's been really fun having a little workshop, but I'm ready to move forward!

Everything is in the initial stages, but on Monday I find out if my application is approved. I am praying to God I am approved! I have so many plans and ideas for the new space. And it will be nice to use some new pieces of furniture I've acquired that's been sitting in storage (impulse flea market know how that is!)

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