Vintage Inspired Outfit: Prim & Scot

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I was having a conversation the other day with a group of friends about where we would like to be and it got brought up that "wouldn't it be nice if..." and it got me thinking about all the times I say "Wouldn't it be nice if..." and nothing ever really comes to fruition because when you say it would be nice if something happened, it's like it's not real.

Anyhow, not trying to be mystic, this was just an odd way for me to segway into my desire to travel to Scotland and Ireland someday (and of course Great Britain) Heck, just make it easier, I'd love to go to the UK!

Vintage Inspired Outfit: Prim & Scot

I don't know why I immediately think of wool, things of the equestrian sort, and grey when I think of Scotland. But I do, hence the outfit inspiration! And I'm just dying over these horse earrings! Really, when one will go to the UK, one must have such dandy earrings!

Where have you always wanted to travel to?

The link/shop list here: Prim & Scot

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